Tuff Girl Legion Presents Astarte’s Wrath, bonus material and GIVEAWAY

TuffGirlAWBannerHi, guys! Today we’re looking at a fun new YA/NA book called ASTARTE’S WRATH by Trisha Wolfe. I’m also giving you the opportunity to win some fun, signed swag and an Amazon gift card. But before we get to that, I want to tell you a little bit more about ASTARTE’S WRATH.

When I first talked with Trisha about reading an ARC of this book and being a part of this Tuff Girl event, I did a little happy dance. ASTARTE’S WRATH is set in ancient Alexandria, when Cleopatra was the pharaoh, and revolves around a conspiracy linked to Caesar and the last pharaoh of Egypt. Add in some supernatural creatures and a forbidden love, and this book is impossible to put down. Written as a companion novel to DESTINY’S FIRE, the story of Star (Astarte) and Xarion shows readers the beginning of a two-thousand-year-old story and how a young woman named Dez Harkley will eventually received her powers.

As a nonhuman being, Star is sworn as a Guardian to protect Xarion, her charge, at all costs. But how can she be impartial about her responsibilities when she and Xarion obviously have feelings for each other?

Trisha has created some amazing and complex characters who are forced to keep their love a secret because of their differences and the laws in place around them. Xarion is a dreamy Egyptian pharaoh with penetrating green eyes, chiseled features, and a stubborn and mischievous streak that would capture the attention of any girl around him. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it or protect those he loves—even if it means being disowned or shunned in the process.

Star, a Kythan Guardian, isn’t human and is forbidden to love someone who is—especially the pharaoh. She is fiercely loyal, takes her guardian duties extremely seriously, and loves her friends and family (human or Guardian alike) without abandon. Growing up with Xarion, she keeps him on his toes by matching his stubborn streak and putting an end to his mischief when she needs to. One of the things I love about her the most is that she’s strong and independent and a great heroine for this story.

The setting Trisha uses in ASTARTE’S WRATH, ancient Egypt and the city of Alexandria, is lovely and very well described. In some scenes, I can almost close my eyes and feel the heat of the dry sun on my face or feel the grains of sand as they pelt my skin in the wind of battle. The little details she’s included like these help give the story an authentic feel and round out the story well.

Our story begins in battle, and the plot doesn’t slow down from there. If you enjoy a fast-paced, action-packed YA novel with a little romantic heat, this is definitely the book for you. One thing to note though: I wouldn’t recommend this book for younger teens. There are some adult situations, such as drinking and intimacy, that are discussed in some detail. But if you’re a fan of older YA or New Adult novels, this is definitely one you want to check out.

If you’ve already read the book and are still hungry for more, Trisha Wolfe has given us some bonus content to share today. It’s steamy, and you won’t want to miss it:

Sneak Peek: Bath Scene from Xarion’s POV
Star narrows her eyes at me, her full, bottom lip puckering out the way it does when she’s in serious thought—and though I’m listening to her words, all I want to do is trap that bottom lip between my teeth. Nip it and caress it with my tongue.

“I knew you’d say that,” she says. “And that is precisely why I didn’t want you to know.” She raises her hand from my chest and swipes the wet hair from my forehead. Her body subtly moves against me with this action, and it drives me wild. “A possible retaliation by the guardians is just one more weighted burden on top of the many you already carry. You don’t need the added strain. Let me deal with Candra and the Kythan. They’re my kindred. As long as I’m their equal—in both power and status—I can protect you.”

This woman—the woman I’ve loved my entire life—is my protector. She not only guards against physical threats, but watches over my mental wellbeing. But I cannot allow her to carry all my problems alone anymore. I want to be her guardian, to be the one to comfort her when she’s fearful, and protect her against this world.

I tilt my head and suck in a deep breath. “This is why you won’t be with me.” I want her to admit it. If she finally confesses that our titles and her battle with the right course of action have been the only reasons for her kept affections, then by Gods…help me from laying her out on this tile and taking her—making her mine. I won’t stop.

She nods.

“This is the only reason.” She nods again, and that is all the conformation I need. “Then I refuse to let them keep us apart for one more moment.” I grasp her face between my hands and claim her lips with mine.

Her lips are soft and warm as I achingly coax them into a fevered kiss, unable to hold back my desire for her. I had planned for our first kiss many times, imagined it over and over. The way I would caress her lips slowly and lovingly, conveying my affections. But every emotion I have ever felt for Star rushes to the surface all at once, and I can’t slow. I won’t. I won’t allow her a moment to question our actions, to reconsider us. I’m going to kiss her senseless—kiss the reason right out of her infuriatingly rational head.

Help Trisha and the Tuff Girl Legion get to 50 reviews on Amazon for the full scene release of the “Bath Scene” on Trisha’s blog! You can bookmark the bonus material here!

TrishWolfePicBio: Trisha Wolfe is the author of the YA Steampunk DESTINY’S FIRE (Omnific Publishing), the NA Historical/Supernatural ASTARTE’S WRATH, and the upcoming YA Utopian FIREBLOOD from Spencer Hill Press, October 2013. Her NA Dark Fantasy OF SILVER AND BEASTS available May 2013.

She’s the creator of YA Bound, a promotional site for the Young Adult genre. Also a member of SCWW and The Apocalypsies. Check out www.TrishaWolfe.com for more on her books and bonus material. Follow Trisha on Twitter @TrishWolfe and like her Facebook page for updates.

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