My Top Five for 2013

With all the amazing books coming out this year, it’s so hard for me to say which one is my absolute favorite. There are some very cool debut authors making an appearance this year (shout out to the Lucky 13s!), and some of my favorite seasoned authors will have me waiting impatiently in line for their new arrivals too.

To help me pass the time while I’m obsessively checking my watch and waiting on these masterpieces, I thought I’d share with you my list of my top five most anticipated 2013 new YA releases. Here they are, in no particular order (mostly because I don’t know that I could choose them in order of favorites):

1. The currently untitled Penryn & the End of Days Series, book two—by Susan Ee. ANGELFALL, the first book in this series, surprised me by how quickly it hooked me into the story. I was quickly impressed by how well this indie title was edited and how seamless the story felt, and I’m looking forward to seeing what book two has to offer.

2. The currently untitled Divergent #3—by Veronica Roth. I can’t tell you how much I loved DIVERGENT and INSURGENT. Let’s just put it this way: if you tried to talk to me while I read either of those books, well … it was best not to interrupt. I lost sleep, nearly burned meals (note to self: don’t cook while reading amazing novels), and ignored basically everyone outside the pages of this series until I was finished (sorry, Mom!). If book three is anything like its predecessors, don’t fret. I’ll reappear with a huge book hangover as soon as I’m done.

3. TIGER’S DREAM, the fifth and final installment in the Tiger Saga—by Colleen Houck. I’ve loved this series from the beginning, and I’m excited to follow Houck’s characters on their last big adventure. The fourth book, TIGER’S DESTINY, made me tear up a little, which is something that doesn’t happen to me often. If you’ve never read any of the Tiger Saga, you must first finish reading this post, then drop everything and go buy TIGER’S CURSE, book one. And then read my review!

4. THE COLLECTOR—by Victoria Scott. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a bad boy, and protagonist Dante Walker sounds like he’s the perfect one. This book has already received a lot of praise, and I’m excited to read more about Dante’s shenanigans. Scott’s YA thriller, THE BRIMSTONE BLEED, debuts with Scholastic in 2014. (Note to self: one to add to my top five for 2014!)

5. INSOMNIA—by JR Johansson. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, so when I read the synopsis for Johansson’s novel, I knew I had to add this to my list. Plus, the book cover is fantastic. Have you preordered your copy yet?

As I type, I can think of several other books that I’d love to add to this list and stretch it into a top ten, but I’ll save those for another day. If you haven’t read anything from these authors yet or are looking to meet some new ones, I highly encourage you to check out any or all of the ones listed here. You never know, you might just find that they’ve written your next favorite book!


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