Book Review: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

I’ve been thinking about this book all day and finally decided that I couldn’t wait to post about it any longer. DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT by Laini Taylor is the follow up to DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE, and the second book in the series of the same name. When we first catch up with our characters, a little time has passed since Karou flew through the portal to Eretz in search of her chimaera family. What she finds is her worst nightmare come true, and then

she must force herself to choose how to move forward. Is it possible for her to forgive the seraphim—mainly Akiva—for all that’s happened?

In truth, I don’t think even Karou knows the answer to that question yet. For most of the book, she seems to be a shadow of her former self. You see it in her physical description as others realize she’s much too thin and has far too many tithing bruises, and overall, she seems broken and haunted by her past. To top it off, Thiago has told the other chimaera not to get involved with her in any way, so of course she feels more isolated than ever before. We do see a bright spot when Zuzana and Mik come to visit. They pick up right where they left off in Prague, and I think this helps boost Karou’s spirits tremendously.

But then all hell breaks loose, and we see battles and loved ones lost on both sides—and a heartwrenching scene that made me hold my breath until it was over.

Laini Taylor’s descriptions were as vivid and beautiful in this book as they were in DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE, and it was easy to close my eyes and see the chimaera in their “sandcastle” or the ashes and smoke as they rose from the fields in Eretz. This sequel is beautiful and tragic and everything I hoped it would be, and I absolutely can’t wait to read the third book when it comes out next year.

Fiction - November 30

Fiction – November 30 (Photo credit: Pesky Library)


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