Magic Monday Musings

Fall is my favorite time of year, and it always has been. Oh, sure, I’ve had years where I couldn’t wait for summer to get here because of how cold and dreary the winter had been and all I wanted to do was bask in the summer heat. But even then, there’s something about fall that appeals to me more than any other season. Maybe it’s the vibrant reds and oranges that I get to see on the tree leaves. Maybe it’s the thought of crisp morning air and cozy campfires. It definitely could be the start of another football season.

Whatever the reason, there’s no time of year that I enjoy more. I always seem to come up with my next big story idea in the fall too. In fact, that’s when I came up with the idea for Merrick Maples and the Legend of the Lost Stone. I was driving to work one day, thinking about what I wanted to write next, and then I thought, How ironic would it be to have a character whose name meant “ruler of the sea” but he was afraid of water? And that’s how the idea for Merrick’s character was born. Of course, the story has morphed quite a bit since those days, but that’s how it got started. And I’ve always wanted to write about twins, so that’s how his sister came to be. The pirates, elves, and other fun things came later.

Now, although I write all year long, I find it’s easiest to sit back with a cup of coffee and let the cool fall air inspire me when I’m trying to think of something new. What about you? What inspires your writing?


One thought on “Magic Monday Musings

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year too, relief finally, from the 100 degree heat and humidity here in south Georgia. The crisp air, the vibrant colors, apples and apple baked things, all of it adds up to the best time of year.

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