Magic Mondays: A Guest Post by Merrick Maples

Do you know how many times I’ve heard the words, “You’re so lucky to have a twin. I wish I was a twin …”? Do you know how hard it is to have a twin sister? It’s exhausting.

Like when you’re at school and she does something stupid and you get harassed about it for the rest of the day because she’s related to you. Or when she brings all of her ditzy girl friends over and you have to listen to them talk about how cute they think all your friends are while they stink up the house with perfume and nail polish all night long. That stuff makes me gag. When we were little, she wasn’t too bad. She liked to play outside and ride bikes and things, but then suddenly she decided that playing in the dirt and digging up worms for fishing wasn’t “cool” anymore. All she wanted to do was wear pink and do girlie stuff all the time. Plus, she’s older than me by five minutes, so she always calls me her “little brother.” But I’m almost taller than her now, so soon she’ll be my “little sister.”

We’ve even had to share our birthday parties for most of our lives. We’ve always had double birthday parties, and this year, our parents even got us a huge cake to share. But you know, now that I think about it, we did each get to pick our own cake flavors. And having a double birthday party means twice the gifts and twice the people coming over. And having a sister in the same grade as me means that I can make her carry my homework if I ever miss a day of school. Don’t ever tell her I said this, but, she’s still okay sometimes when she’s not trying to get some boy to like her.

Hmm. Maybe having a twin isn’t so bad after all.


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