Big Bully

Thinking back on their school years, everybody can come up with the face or name of at least one person in their classes who was picked on or bullied. It’s an age-old issue for children and teens (and adults in some cases), and unfortunately, seems to be a growing problem in today’s society. More and more teens are afraid of going to school because they face bullying issues on a daily basis.

Bullying is never an easy subject. Although the person doing the bullying (whether guy or girl) thinks it’s all in fun or is doing it to prove a point, the victims of these kinds of situations are often left with low self-esteem and other issues. And if the bullying continues over time (as it often does), there can be long-term physical and psychological effects for both  the victim and the bully. That’s right, being picked on isn’t just bad for the victim. In the long run, teenage bullies can grow up to be more violent and are at risk for committing crimes.

Bullying doesn’t just happen on the school playground either. It can happen in school hallways, in group activities, on the bus or while walking home from school, at the mall, and even on the Internet.

So what can teens do if they find themselves as the victims in a situation like this? First, they can talk to an adult they trust, such as a teacher or parent or counselor, and come up with a way to stop the bullying nonviolently. They can also walk away from the situation or act confident in order to make the bully go away. The biggest thing to remember is that, no matter how teens decide to resolve issues with their bullies, they should do so nonviolently.

There are lots of great online sources that teens and their parents can utilize if they’re having trouble with teenage bullies. Some examples include the National Bullying Prevention Center,, and the NCPC. These websites have great ideas on different ways to prevent bullying in schools and even other organizations you can be involved with to help stop bullying in your community.


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