Dealing with Revision Frustrations

I was talking with another publishing acquaintance the other day, and he asked me how my book was coming along. I told him things were well and that I was still revising, but I admitted that I was a bit disappointed with my progress. I had hoped to be much farther along by this point than I am, and I wasn’t sure why I was feeling stalled. He laughed and told me that he often feels that way when he’s working on revisions. I was relieved to know that I wasn’t alone!

It seems like revising and editing take twice as long as the actual writing process. With my current WIP, I sometimes thought I’d never finish writing a chapter or scene. Now I realize that sometimes it takes months to revise a small section, but then again, I guess revisions are the time to strive for perfection, right?

My discussion about revisions made me wonder about others and their writing processes. When you feel stalled with revisions, what do you do? Do you plow through it or come back to it later? Have you ever had a time where you extended your writing deadline because revisions weren’t going well? And if your normal schedule includes writing every night when creating a first draft, do you keep that same schedule for the editing process, or do you change it up?


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Revision Frustrations

  1. Sometimes editing goes well, and sometimes it doesn’t. I usually do better when writing, since I try to finish a project within one to two months (before I get bored :D). Editing, I’m much more likely to do it in one chapter chunks if it is longer than a short story.

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