Book Review: The Astral Disruptor

The Astral DisruptorThe Astral Disruptor by Rhys Hughes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When someone mysteriously steals the sky and replaces it with a stone ceiling, Sampietro Mischief is immediately on the case. He watches as the world as we know it changes from a sunny, blue-skied planet to one of permanent nightfall. Although several attempts are made to break through the stone ceiling to find the sunlight on the other side, none are successful. Instead, Earthlings discover that the ceiling is fragile, and they erect hundreds of stone columns, many of which they paint sky blue, to help support its weight.

The concept that someone could steal the sky and melt it down into liquid was fascinating to me. I didn’t realize “the sky” meant the entire universe until the characters broke through the ceiling to find the Earth moon encased in it too. I realized how different our lives would become if we didn’t have access to sunlight any more. One could only imagine that panic and chaos would ensue until people learned how to live in this new world.

I also found Sampietro Mischief’s monster servant, Chives, hilarious. His constant grumbling about doing household chores and even his decision to create a duplicate Chives all made him a unique and humorous character.

The one issue I had with this story was the ending. Although they were able to catch the culprit responsible for stealing the sky, I kept hoping for more resolution with the situation–such as replacing the ceiling with something else or putting the sky back where it belonged. As a reader, I felt like the author left me hanging a little bit.

That aside, I would still recommend this story to those who enjoy science fiction. It was a fun read, and concept itself was very original and interesting.

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